Deadly Dewbacks

Landing on Kuat
Season 2, Episode 2 Pt 1.

MISSION REPORT: Hostage Crisis Above Kuat


  • Prevent any harm from coming to Imperial Governor Skye Doha
  • Extract Governor Sky Doha

Kuat Customs Agents

I sat Astra down in my quarters and walked him through stitching someone back together. In this case that someone was me. We applied small amounts of Bacta to seal the wounds on my chest.

Turk had taken us to a nearby asteroid field, where we were hiding while the team recovered. I sat down in the copilot’s seat to help him look out for patrolling ships as Turk tried to get us onto the planet’s surface.

We were forced to land after a patrol picked us up on their scanners. Astra disabled our transmitter and Turk parked us where customs asked us to park. I put on the helmet and came down to guard Turk while he talked to the customs agent.

We tried to talk our way through. Turk tried to bribe the officer, this made him upset. He had his men spread out to check our ship. I tried to implore the man to let us off, as we’d had a pretty terrible day. He pulled Turk aside and asked to be paid 1,000 Credits for landing access to the planets surface.

4GT came down the gangplank, trying to negotiate down the price. He was interrupted as a customs tech raced out from the comms tower to declare our ship matched the description of a warrant sent out from the Empire, no less, asking for our detainment. Maybe a rival Imperial Commander.

The officer pulled his blaster on Turk, who scrambled away from the shot. I shielded Astra and pulled him onboard as 4GT and Turk scrambled after. We closed the doors and ran to our battle stations. I gave a quick sweep on my way around to be sure no customs agents had lingered.

Turk was trying to get us out of range as fast as possible. Two patrol craft gave pursuit. Astra went to work jamming their comms. I fired off a few shots with the cannons, as best I could, but I never made contact. The patrol craft dodged and ducked around the landscape. I fired again, trying to lead in front of the targets. The lead was too far ahead, my cannon fire tore up the landscape in front of them. The earth tore through the engines, smoke spat out their turbines as they lost their acceleration.

Turk quickly lost them, then set The Revolt (Formerly the Hypergale) on a course for the port where this order of warriors that kidnapped the Governor had retreated.

End Log
- Cassius Numa

Hostages at Kuat Shipyards Pt. 3
Season 2, Session 3

MISSION REPORT: Hostage Crisis Above Kuat

  • Prevent any harm from coming to Imperial Governor Skye Doha
  • Extract Governor Sky Doha – Failed

Rebel Operatives – Deceased
Brother Gaff – Rebel Sleeper Agent – At Large

We were still on this damn passenger liner. We moved out of Kuat Securty’s range of concern, we ejected the bomb. We just needed to get to the damn Governor.

Turk chimed in over the comms that the escape pod had ejected, the Governor likely on board. Rather than make assumptions, we decided to clear the rest of the ship.

We entered the business class area, but there were no visible enemies. We proceeded toward the first class section. There were four remaining rebel sympathizers, whom Astra, Baz, and I dispatched after a protracted firefight.

In the chaos, Baz set his blaster to stun, and in his flailing victim fell on the ship’s acceleration button, or whatever you press to make it go faster. The ship began to lurch back into motion, but it was drifting away from Kuat, so the passengers wouldn’t be killed. Turk called Kuat for evac, and we continued back to the Hypergale with our stunned prisoner.

I tied the prisoner up and threw him in a chamber near the Hypergale’s ship-dock, so we could open him up to space if we needed. After this, I made my way to my quarters and set up my med pack, to start stitching myself up.

Turk hatched an elaborate deception to get information out of the prisoner. We made it seem like Turk was taking over the ship and trying to escape with the prisoner. There were other details, but it was too clever for me to follow. I just dressed in my armor and listened to Turk’s, ‘orders.’ When signaled to, “Clean up the bodies.” I walked off to let the others know to clear.

Turk then interrogated the poor hapless rebel as if her were an ally. He was able to find Actionable Intelligence, including:

Rebel sleeper agent named Brother Gaff is likely onboard whatever Kuat had sent to rescue the passenger ship. This rebel would possibly be making his way back to the rebel base of operations on Kuat.

They have a base on Kuat, or an extended network.

Hostages at Kuat Shipyards Pt. 2
Season 2, Session 2

MISSION REPORT: Hostage Crisis Above Kuat

  • Prevent any harm from coming to Imperial Governor Skye Doha
  • Extract Governor Sky Doha

Four Rebel Sympathizers – Deceased
At least twenty rebels remain.

The enemies were coming down the passenger rows toward me. I picked up the body of the guard that had just been dispatched, threw it down the duct, then threw myself down after.
Back down in engineering, I joined the rest of the squad.

We decided to refocus on finding the bomb. Baz had a feeling we would find it in the luggage area. So we walked row by row through luggage storage, searching for anything out of place. I passed a mid-sized luggage crate and felt my pulse quicken. That was it. I left the rest of the group to dispose of the explosive, then headed back out to engineering.

I had the co-pilot we’d rescued run my armor back to the ship, then switched into the gear of one of the hostage takers. They all wore robes with their armor, which reminded me of the Jedi warriors in the old Clone War vids, before the Empire.

I went right back up the lift, trying to pass myself off as a terrorist on the second floor, back amongst the passengers. The Twi’lek stewardess was still in distress, being harassed by a terrorist. This one was a CO, as he posted me nearby the Lek.

I waited for some kind of opening, but none prevailed itself. I turned on my comms and got a message from Turk that Kuat local Law enforcement were scrambling fighters to knock the ship into scrap. Strapped for options, I grabbed a concession cart, mounted my heavy blaster rifle, and charged down the isle.

It wasn’t a pretty fight, and I’ve been torn up by it. I got a few bolts into my enemies, but one of them pulled a vibro-knife and stabbed me in the gut. I hate those things. I took cover and they fired into the civilians to get at me. When I popped back up, they had taken a hostage. I pulled out my comm and asked for backup. Turk reminded me, over the comm, that the Kuat fighters were incoming.

Baz, and 4GT came to join me up top, Astra hid in the space between the passenger chamber and the hull. I tried to kill the commanding officer with a well placed shot. He threw the hostage off of himself in an attempt to dodge, then fired a bolt into the civilian, killing them.

More terrorists poured into the room from business class. My DLT-19 unloaded hot plasma into the first one’s chest. They replied with plasma of their own, and this armor of theirs is not as good as my brand-new set back on the Hypergale. The guy with the knife stabbed me again. Somewhere through all of this, I hit myself with enough stims that my eyes and fingers are twitching.

Astra fell down from the ceiling. He crashed in behind me and fired at the original group. The chamber of the ship was heating up from all the plasma being exchanged. Finally the terrorists began to retreat, as more of their number fell. After jumping away from another knife swing, I pulled my DL-15 and fired a bolt into the lingering knife wielder’s chin, and he crumpled.

We’ve pushed them back to the next passenger chamber, business class. We still have to get to the Governor in First Class. We’ve already lost a hostage. I’m not sure how much longer we can keep doing this. Doubt is is clawing at me, fear of failure. But the stims are boiling my blood and I can hear their rush in my ears, and I’ll ride that tide to victory.

Hostages at Kuat Shipyards
Season 2, Session 1

MISSION REPORT: Hostage Crisis Above Kuat

  • Prevent any harm from coming to Imperial Governor Skye Doha

Two Rebel Sympathizers – Deceased
At least two dozen rebels remain.

We brought our new ship to Caraida. 4GT met one of the Engineers who made him. He asks to be dropped off before we return to the Empire. He elaborated about to us that there is a conspiracy to kill all the Engineers who worked on the Deathstar. We try to convince him to stay, 4GT and I. Turk and Astra seem unconcerned, feeling like he should be left to his own devices. Eventually we decide to keep him under guard aboard our ship. He is not happy with this decision.

Garren gives us our new mission: Governor Skye Doha is onboard a passenger ship. Someone has taken control and they currently heading toward the planet. They claim to have loaded the ship with explosives. We devise a plan to dock with the ship without the ship knowing, offloading some of us to get onboard.

Myself, Baz, and Astra snuck through the airlock. I brought them to the engineering bay, where Astra dug in and started messing with the engines, to bring the ship to a stop. Astra then tried to download schematics as fast as he could, to take them back to our ship. The ship, however, began to move forward again.

In the Engine room I found a vent that would lead up to the second floor, where the passengers were being held. The three of us began climbing up, one after the other. Baz was quiet on his way up, as was I, despite my armor. No one has trained Astra in stealth, however, and he clanged loudly. Baz tried to peer through the grate, but could only tell that someone was on the other side. Then we heard a sound under us.

Astra, cramped in the vent below me, indicated that there was an enemy and a civilian below. I wriggled past him and dropped out of the vent, quietly. My new vibroblade was eager to prove itself, so I pulled it out and snuck behind the guard. The vibroblade neatly split open the arteries under his armpits and at the base of his neck. The blood missed the immaculately dressed copilot who this guard had been escorting.

I interviewed the copilot for relevant information about what was going on above. He hadn’t seen a bomb, he did believe there was a VIP onboard who might be the Governor. There were dozens of hostage takers. The hostage takers had mentioned Salin. I put together that they may have taken the Governor hostage as an intended prisoner exchange. It was very kind of Commander Garren to put us on this mission, so we could finish off Salin’s supporters in the rebellion.

I called in 4GT to help cover for us, possibly open negotiations on their com channels and keep them distracted. Then I climbed back up the vent, leaving all the others behind. I tried to get out quietly, but the vent grate slipped through my fingers, probably too much blood on the fingerpads of my armor. On the other side was a Twi’lek stewardess, who was terrified. I told her to make an excuse. She knocked over a tray and fumbled over it.

I dropped to the floor, hearing a guard coming to check on the Twi’lek. He grabbed her and began shouting in anger. I could feel it rising up in him, and I was certain he was going to execute the woman, for covering my entrance for me. Rather than let the civilian take the punishment for me, I pulled the vibroblade and pressed it against his back. I told him that he’d find mercy if he told me where the explosives were hidden or where the Governor was kept. He refused and moved for a knife on his hip. I stabbed him in the shoulder as her turned, pushing him up against the horrified Twi’lek.

Unfortunately he didn’t die. He spun around, angry, smashing a hot caff container against my helmet and splashing steaming caff down it’s red plates. He opened his mouth to shout, I shoved an armor covered hand into the space between his teeth and knocked him against the wall, shoving the vibroblade into his chest again. He pulled a vibroknife and stabbed me between the plates of my armor. It hurt like hell, which seemed fair. The Twi’lek had crumpled in the corner, watching us in horror.

He struggled, teeth cracking against my armor as he bit down and tried to dislodge my hand. I pressed my elbow into his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “It’s me, I’m the one who took Salin and locked him away. I know where he is, and I know you’ll never find him. You’ll die here.” I saw the rage in his eyes then, and he tried to throw me off of him.

But I threw him back into the wall, shoving his head up with my hand, then placing the blade up against his neck, where it drew blood. The last look he gave wasn’t fear, or panic, just raw hatred. I felt it swell up in him and fill his muscles with strength. Then I pushed the vibrosword up through his chin and into his skull, the red blade emerging out the top of his head, a fine red cloud shaken off of it’s vibrating edge. I felt his lifeforce leave him.

Now the Twi’lek was nearly sobbing, blood was dripping off my red armor. There was a tooth lodged into my glove. I shook the grit off and refocused my attention. More were coming, I could hear them approaching. We still hadn’t found the bomb, we’d delayed the ship as much as we could, soon the rebels would start killing hostages. But there was a plan forming, over comms, to cut power and get the hostage takers to start talking. I switched my vibroblade to my left hand, drew my Heavy Blaster Pistol.

Now I’m waiting for the lights to go out.

With New Eyes

Astra fills me in on the setting. A large mansion in the upper sections of the city. There is a party going on inside, and we’ve decided that we would like to acquire their ship.

We sent in Turk to talk to the locals and seduce his way in. He wasn’t able to get any women to fall madly in love with him, but was instead he was told where the help should enter from. Turk and Astra made themselves look like handy-men and walked to the back gate.

I sat with 4GT, listening in on the comms and trying to run the mission as best I could. A voice broke in from the world around us, " What’s going on here?"

I mumbled to 4GT, “Who is it?”

“Guards.” 4GT Whispered over his speakers.

“Take care of it, Droid.” I grumbled, “Please.”

4GT’s volume increased, “Alms for the poor?” and I held out my hands.

“You know beggars aren’t allowed in the upper city!” The crunch of their boots came closer. There were two.

“I’m sorry, this one cannot hear well, could you come tell him yourself?”

“You tell him yourself!” They shouted back.

I leaned on NVR-4GT and the droid started to fall over, “Could you help?”

The guards grumbled and came closer, putting their arms under my arms to carry me along. 4GT let the guards take me while it got ready. I stumbled, my weight on the left guard, feinting a reach down to stabilize myself. I grabbed my blaster pistol and fired into the guards back, vaporizing his internal organs. 4GT made a surprised sound and I heard a scuffle, then the sound of his fusion cutter.

I dropped the dead guard and tried to focus my hearing on the sound of the guard, “Where is he, 4GT?”

4GT’s droning voice began to describe the room. It wasn’t just the words he spoke, but what happened with the sound. As he described the room, the sound bounced from the walls, and I knew how large the room was. He described the floor plan and I knew the obstacles around me, could picture their colors and dimensions. He described the guard standing in front of me and I could see his uniform and the utterly confused look on his face as he looked from his fallen comrade to myself, to 4GT.

I realized at that moment that I could actually see. I was no longer blind. I had been aiming at the guard, but I saw his blaster hand move, and I shot the blaster instead of the guard. The guard did the smart thing then, he ran. Poor bastard didn’t stand a chance then. The training kicked in and I ran down the hallway after him, taking his life before it could carry him out to the street.

I dragged the corpse back inside, then stood over the latest two sons I’d murdered and smiled at 4GT, “Well done Droid! They made you well!” I noticed there were scorch marks on his chest, “How’d that happen?”

I didn’t hear his answer, instead checking in on Baz and Turk on the comms. They were entering into the ships hangars and finagled their way inside the ship we’d decided to take.

Something felt different about the world. The smells were stronger than before, the red blood pooling around the dead guards seemed a more vivid shade of red than I had remembered it. I had wanted that color for my armor, and here it was pooling at my feet.

The Comms for the guards went off. They were asking about the guards location. I checked in and claimed he was using the loo. The guard on the other end activated tracking systems. I destroyed the comms units with my boots.

We made our way through gardens. I was at the lead, only using my blaster pistol, keeping my right hand wedged into Salin’s binders, 4GT following behind me. We saw a group of guards moving past us and cut into a maintenance hatch. We came out in a garden with a plastisteel dome.

Turk called in over comms asking us to jam all communications for ten standard minutes. We gazed out over the city and 4GT did so. We stood in silence and I gained a new appreciation for my vision. I realized then that we would have to get to the other side of the dome, out in the vacuum of space. I found a hose lying in the garden and tied it off in case we lost our footing, then I tied Salin to me to be sure he’d stick around.

I felt the speeders coming up behind us before I heard them. Hard to explain, but they arrived and station guards hopped out to arrest us. At that moment, Turk pulled the new ship up into the space on the outside of the dome. It was time to evacuate.

I shouted at 4GT to cut us an exit, then tossed a frag grenade at the speeders, blowing the vehicles up and scattering the limbs of the former station guards all about the garden. As 4GT finished cutting the dome open, I latched the robot to me and grabbed tightly to Salin. When the vacuum of space kicked in and sucked us out, I attempted to direct our inertia toward the open cargo door.

Instead we bounced off speeder parts flying by and nearly hurtled out into space. Turk tipped the ship and scooped us up, then rocketed out into open space. Moments later the ship was bathed in the cool swirling blue of hyperspace.

A few days later we returned to Imperial Command on Corida. Finally we were able to turn in the samples of the rebel bio-weapon and it’s antidote. Finally we got some rest.

End Report
-Cassius Numa

The Changing of Plans
Blind Leading the Crippled

The Following Log was Reported by Audio Report:

After Turk and 4GT reported all targets down, we had to come up with a plan. The city was waking up after all the noise and destruction we had caused. Normally I would have taken the lead here, but I couldn’t feel the fingers in my right arm, I still hadn’t regained my sight after I’d been stabbed in the stomach. The guy maybe stabbed so hard it got to my spine? If that’s the case, I was lucky to be walking.

We collected Salin from the Bacta tube at least he’d been stabilized. I considered getting Astra to do surgery on me, but decided that if it was my spine, I’d rather have an expert. So I wound up dragging Salin, and 4GT wound up guiding me. We spent the night in an alley, listening to the footsteps and hoping no local law enforcement or gang found us, huddled among machine and organic scraps and waste.

The night was long. Pain from my shoulder kept waking me up. Once awake, I would be reminded of my blindness. In moments like this, even a the most hardened genius will try idiotic tricks to get their vision back. I would rub my eyes, attempt to glance around, poured more than one cap-full of canteen water into them, but nothing made any difference.

The next morning we went to the docks. The repair guy gave us a refund for services he was unable to render. Apparently there were a lot of individuals who were angry with us. As mission commander and soldier, I felt frustratingly useless.

The Black Suns had surrounded our vehicle. Astra informed us there was a system wide alert about our craft and possibly us. Turk, 4GT, and Astra, came up with a plan involving a rival gang. I heard Astra over comms instigating Orange Iguanas to attack the Black Suns.

I stayed back with Salin over my shoulder, while Astra scouted ahead. I heard a sound, Astra relayed that it was a chicken walker and I suggested Turk take the AT over and secure the deck. Astra countered that we should steal a new ship.

This seemed like a much better idea than the one I had, though it would involve fewer gangsters and thugs being wiped from the Galaxy. So with this new plan in mind, Turk began to scan the ships in the area.

Guarding Your Enemy
I do this all day

The following report was filed via holo recording
Adrift in Hyperspace, we had been leaking fuel. Salin’s condition is unstable. We’ve landed. A Twi’lek greeted us.

Turk talked to the Lek for a while, negotiating for repairs. We were hiding our Imperial origins. We’ll have to wait at this port overnight. Turk of course asked about where to find a drink.

Turk proposed we all go out and drink, I said I would have to see about getting Salin to a medic to heal him soon, or there would be risk of him dying. Baz then said he would take Salin, since he knew the place best. I insisted that I would be staying by Salin’s side until the rebel was delivered to the Empire.

We decided that Turk should find us lodgings. Baz and Cassius stayed with the ship and Salin while the others find lodging. I packed up most of my armor, getting the helmet off. Baz carried Salin to the Turbolift as I caught a glimpse of a freighter landing. I stuck around while they went down the lift, watching the ship unload lots of people. I waited for the next lift. People were being offloaded in shackles from the freighter. I asked Baz for information on the port. He told me that this place had many markets, including the slave market. Turk noted that these would be useful to us.

I caught the next lift down. Baz and Salin were ahead of me. I scanned the crowd and noticed that people had noticed them. I nodded to them and showed them my gun. They scattered to the alleyways and I asked Baz about a more subtle route.

Baz found us a doctor quickly. Unfortunately, that meant 800 credits and a day of rest with the healer. It’s a fifteen minute walk to the lodging. I volunteer for first watch and stay with Salin. The others wet gambling. All I heard was told to me later:

Astra fronted the money. Turk did the playing. He won some credits off the first gambler. The second was a Wookie, and the Wookie won. He tried another match with the Wookie, trying to get the Wookie drunk and sloppy by bribing the staff.

There was a knock on the door and I got to my feet. The doctor went to the door and began to protest. I got into cover and put my armor on. I told him to get Salin and get to cover. Her ran to the back door, complaining about how I’d brought the war to his doorstep. I called out over comms for backup, calling out intruders coming for Salin. I threw a frag grenade after the doctor. I shot the first guy through the door and he kept running past, taking point at the back door.

Second guy through the door put a bolt in my right shoulder. I fell to the ground and squeezed through another bolt shot into the second guy. He took the shot and pulled a knife. My blood was the last I saw after he stabbed me with the knife a few times. I grabbed the guy by the hand and fired through the room, but I didn’t hear any pain in response, so I must have missed.

I heard more blaster fire. A frag grenade went off, ringing my ears and cutting off another sense. A body fell on top of me. I threw the body off of me and clambered to my feet, still unable to see or properly move my right arm. I remembered where the doorway was. I stumbled through it, fell out the doorway and fired in the direction of the enemy. I heard a lot of shouting and anger in response. A beast of burden screeched. Something fell down. I asked if I hit him. 4GT responded with, “Yeah, sure.” Turk added, “Good job.”

There was lots of noise. Turk shouted out the location of the remaining attacker. Astra fired again.

Cassius Numa, Report End.

Starfight, Starbright
After The Onslaught

MISSION REPORT: After The Onslaught


  • Secure XR XII Stimpak Samples and return them to Corida – Pending

Two Squads of X-Wings: Mostly Deceased

One moment we were aboard the Onslaught, pulling away in the Grand Moff Lee, and the next we were engulfed in a barrage of angry plasma and fighters. We were determined to get to Corida.

There were numerous X-Wing squads looking for targets. Two of them direct their attention at the Grand Moff Lee. I started strapping Salin in and shouted for Baz to get in a gun seat, despite his heavy bleeding. As he started shooting at the oncoming X-Wings, I patched up his wound with my Medpac. It was a hard task, given the yoking and swerving Turk was putting the Lee through. I got his bleeding to stop, saving the smuggler’s life and ensuring the continued operation of his blaster turret.

As the ship lurched to one side, I used the momentum to throw myself into the missile operators chair. 4GT howled targets off at us and the Dewbacks went to work. Turk punched the speed, shooting away from the X-Wings, who gave chase. Baz used the mounted guns to fire off a few warning shots at the approaching X-Wings. The sound shocked Astra into a flurry of action at the communications console. He spooled up a Hyperspace route and refocused our shields against the oncoming attackers.

The first squad of X-Wings strafed us but Turk spun the Grand Moff Lee away from the shots easily, meanwhile the second squad was lining up for an attack run. 4GT read us off the coordinates of the ships new positions. Astra jammed their communications, to keep the squads from ringing the M60 Capital Ship looping in the distance.

An indicator light came on for the weapon controls I was manning, I dialed in 4GT’s coordinates and fired a missile, scrapping the lead X-Wing of the lead squad, raining debris on the fighters behind it. Baz fired into the same group and tore into another X-Wing. Turk swung the ship around to return fire, finishing off Baz’ target and disabling a second fighter, leaving that squad with only two. The leadership of the squad must have been taken out, because the remaining two ships couldn’t manage to focus on the Grand Moff Lee long enough to shoot it.

The secondary squad loomed, shifting itself into better positioning, despite Turk’s efforts to keep them from our tail. 4GT shouted out more vectors and Astra boosted the shields, rotating some from the front to cover our rear. My weapon was slow, and while it reloaded I shouted out visuals of the incoming squad. Baz fired into the remaining pair of the first squad, with Turk swinging the ships Ion Cannons around and shouting, “Die Rebel Scum!” as the cannons decimated one X-Wing and nearly crippled the second.

The second squad, following behind us, had to pull back to avoid the scraps and floating bodies of their rebel companions. 4GT pulled up a hud on my weapons display, indicating the leader of the squad, while Astra confirmed positions and estimated the X-Wings course. I took it all in, lined up the X-Wings in the missile controls, and fired, a blue trail shooting off into space toward the rebels. The two lead craft spun out of the way of the missile, leaving the squadron leader wide open. His ship exploded, sending his wings outward to crash into the two ships behind him, until they too became part of the explosion. Baz fired into the debris cloud for good measure, Turk made another retaliatory attack, but did little damage.

The X-Wings responded with a Proton Torpedo. It slammed into our shield and damaged the ships systems, but the Grand Moff Lee kept flying. Baz fired again and finished off the last X-Wing of the first squad, Turk shifted the ship around and used the Ion Cannons to tear apart one of the remaining two from the second squad. The lone remaining X-Wing charged us, fired it’s torpedos, which went wide, and then punched their engines, shooting back toward the M60.

As soon as they were out of the ships weapon’s ranges, Astra and I got to our feet, working on stabilizing The Grand Moff Lee. Astra shifted power away from the damaged systems, rerouting them to the Hyperdrive and cutting down on our wait time. A few moments later the pinpoints of stars shifted into long blue lines, spinning around the cockpit, as we broke into Hyperspace.

Turk pulled out a clutch of cigars, offering them to everyone. I removed my helmet and took one, lighting it up. Behind us, the Onslaught hung hopeless in space, but we would complete our mission and return these samples to Corida.

End Mission Summary
-Cassius Numa

Rebels Attack!
Plugging Holes on a Sinking Ship

MISSION REPORT: Escape the Doomed Star Destroyer: Onslaught


  • Secure XR XII Stimpak Samples -

Rebel Soldiers – Deceased
Salin – Captured
Rebel Droids – Avoided

Avoid All Boarding Action on The Onslaugt, haul it into the nearest star.

Crew of the Star Destroyer

We were given medical attention for our extensive wounds when we returned to the Star Destroyer we had deployed from: The Onslaught. We would be taking The Onslaught back to Carida to turn in the Stimpak Samples from our mission on Ceibos.

We were taking some R&R at Rebo’s Pool, the only Club on the ship that played Galactic Jizz. Turk was gambling, Baz was wisecracking, and I was making progress with Bae, the tender of the bar. She was a sweet, dark skinned human who enjoyed listening to my old war stories. Too young for me, but a guy can hope. Unfortunately this time was cut short as the Star Destroyer abruptly departed hyperspace.

Lots of the patrons lost their footing, and I caught Bae before she hit her head on the bar. Claxon’s began to blare and demanded we take up our battle stations. Over the intercom we could hear the automated systems announce: Damage Reported at Hangar, Reactor, Barracks, and Bridge. I encouraged Bae to get to safety and gathered up the Dewbacks, ordering the crew to head to the barracks and arm up.

We met up with 4GT in our quarters. I put on my armor and Baz threw on some Snow Trooper armor. In my backpack I carried the Medpac and our disease and antidote samples. Turk was already headed to the hangar when I gave an order for him and 4GT to head there. I thought that they should get out into their fighters as soon as possible before the hangar was shut down, and incase Baz and I got in trouble and required an evac.

Baz and I headed deeper into the Barracks to straighten out whatever was happening there. In my headset I cued up Gigi Tonen and the Blasting Bass Blasters, one of my favorite tracks, it’s manic high pitches and constant beat keeping me on my toes as we cautiously made our way deeper into the barracks.

At first there was an endless stream of people pushing past us but slowly the level of retreating personnel dropped significantly, until there was no one passing by us anymore. We came to a darkened hallway section with a cylindrical obstruction that had burst through the ceiling. Baz moved ahead and checked it out. It was covered with pods, which opened up immediately and began leaking little droids. The droids began expelling gas. I ordered Baz back and closed the blast doors behind us, hoping the droids would waste the gas. I wasn’t sure our helmets could handle it.

We retreated and I called out to 4GT about the threat, then asked him to notify Astra that we should find out why we’d been pulled out of Hyperspace. We communicated that there was gas and everyone would need filtration units. 4GT relayed this over Comms and the stations speakers.

We made our way to the bridge to meet up with Turk, to see about taking over controls and salvaging the Star Destroyer. We checked the controls and found that the bridge had suffered a breach. I reasoned that these were probably the same droids that had been injected into the barracks. On the other side of the door was either poison gas or raw vacuum. Baz and I left Turk to figure it out, with 4GT Coordinating some droids that could go into the bridge with him and take control of the Star Destroyer.

Baz and I broke off to head to the Reactor, where I recalled that there had been report of a breach. The Reactor is voiding energy all over. The staff was in shambles, running around like crazy. The whole ship would soon explode if they didn’t get back to their jobs.

I grabbed the nearest scrambling engineer and demanded a status report. He told me that there was damage and they didn’t know how to contain it. I squeezed on his throat and calmly explained that he could either get to repairing the ship or they’d all die, and that wouldn’t be because the ship had crashed or rebels would kill them, but that I would personally obliterate them.

The engineer got to work on repairs and began stabilizing the ship. Our limited options were becoming increasing limited as the ship took damage from a rebel attack on the outside. We became worried we would have to leave in the Grand Moff Lee.

It took debate over the comms, but we decided to vacate the Star Destroyer and advise a retreat. Baz and I ran out of the reactor core and made our way to the hangar, to get to our ship. When we arrived, a rebel transport had landed in the bay and begun spraying blaster fire out over the Imperials therein. I ran into the fight and let my heavy blaster go full auto, the others opened fire and we mowed down multiple targets and even blasted Salin with a few bolts. Took out the mounted turreteer.

Salin took down my cover with his weird gun. It destroyed the boxes I was hiding behind for cover. Turk ran by me, taking a few shots at the Rebels as he passed, headed to prep our ship for takeoff. Baz and I continued to provide cover fire while 4GT loped after Turk. Most of the blaster fire was aimed in my direction, my red armor must make me stand out.

Reached to my belt and plucked a Frag Grenade, throwing it into the U-Wing and blasting those inside. The computers were destroyed and the U-Wing lifted off the bay floor only to careen into a wall as it’s boosters continued to accelerate. Salin scrambled out of cover and I chased. Baz broke out of cover and chased as well, firing at Salin with his weapon on stun.

Didn’t have time to switch my Blaster Rifle to Stun like Baz did. Instead put a blaster bolt through Salin’s kneecap, knocking the old man down and nearly removing his leg. The old smuggler spun around and squeezed off a bolt of plasma into Baz’ chest. Baz collapsed on the old man and fired his stun bolt into the man’s arm, rendering his firing hand useless.

Behind us, Turk positioned the ships guns and took out the remaining Rebel. Tried to get Baz’ wounds under control but couldn’t stop the bleeding, though a Stimpak helped get him in better condition temporarily. We loaded Salin into the ship and exited the hangar bay just as the infected people emerged from the depths of the ship and began to wreak havoc.

We found Astra waiting onboard The Grand Moff Lee. Then, with our samples and Salin secured, we raced away from the Star Destroyer hangar just as a horde of infected personnel broke through the hangar doors.

Further Reporting pending…
-Cassius Numa

Just Say No to Super Stimpaks

MISSION REPORT: Rebel Science/Prison Facility on Cibus


  • Capture XR XII Stimpak Samples – Completed

Rebel Soldiers – Deceased
Wampas – Status N/A
Infected Prisoners and Personal – Deceased
Rebel Experiments – Deceased

Mission Commander Cassius Numa highly suggests an orbital barrage of the planetary surface to eliminate possibility of spread of infectious agent.


I was placed in command for the duration of the mission, the first time since re-enlisting that I was given the position. Performance wasn’t perfect, but we completed the mission and got everyone home.

Veric Traig, our prisoner from our previous mission, was taken by Imperial Intelligence for further questioning. Some of the new intelligence he provided included the location of a rebel prison facility on Ceibos. Garren provided us with access codes. We were charged with getting a sample of an experimental Stimpak. This sounded similar to our first mission.

We were given two Rebel uniforms and two prison uniforms to aid us. Included with these uniforms was the advice that we not let the access codes go to waste. We were reminded that the Stimpak was our goal and that anything beyond that would be a bonus.

We approached the facility and Astra hailed ahead, but Astra received no response. I commanded a sweep of communication traffic and found the world oddly dead of any noise. Turk eyeballed a landing pad and brought us in to land.

When we finally approached the facility doors in our proper costumes, we found a full crew of rebels trying as hard as they could to keep the doors closed. The man in charge of the exit wouldn’t open the doors because he had not received any communication from the inside. The men maintained that there had been a prison uprising and that containment of the Imperial Loyalists inside was necessary until he could get more information.

We tried various persuasive tactics, Turk’s gambits didn’t work. Eventually, I called him a coward for locking his allies in with the rioters. His response was pulling a blaster on me.. I still outdrew the guy, but the lucky bastard had the Force on his side, the shot went wide and he lived. I was shot then. A lot. I pulled a Stimpak and slammed it into my thigh, not bothering to take it out. I was shot again. They shot the gun from my hand, I pulled a frag grenade and threw it in their direction, but the pain in my body made it hard to aim, the grenade went wide. They lit me up again. By the end I’d taken six blaster shots and my body hadn’t given out on me. There was a time I’d be impressed with myself if I’d lived through one.

I got my heavy blaster rifle back in my hands. I finally registered 4GT shouting at me to move to cover. Bleeding and burnt under my armor, I staggered to cover and hand off my heavy blaster to Astra. Turk fired from the underbelly of the ship, taking one of them down and nearly a second. Baz got into a fisticuffs with the officer behind the desk.

Astra killed another one behind the crates. The dying rebel shot Astra. We both took a shot at him and missed. He was eventually taken down by the others.

Eventually we’d taken all the rebels down, but they’d torn us up pretty badly. I had Astra try the console, but he couldn’t get the doors open. We hobbled back to the ship to look for a new entrance.

Eventually we found an icy cave we thought we could sneak through. We had Baz change into the Snow Trooper armor to keep himself limber, and myself and 4GT ventured into the caves, hoping it would lead to a back way into the facility. Instead we found two giant white furred beasts with vicious claws. I had Astra search the Imperial database after the mission to confirm that these were Wampas.

They tore into Baz, and I thought I’d lost another soldier. They tore into me as well, nearly scrapping my armor. I knew we couldn’t win against them, so I shot up the ceiling of the tunnel and caused a collapse between us and them.

After the collapse, there was a quiet. Baz wasn’t conscious, 4GT was stunned. I pulled one of Baz’ Stimpacks from his belt and used it on him. We got to our feet and hobbled back out of the cave before the Wampas could finish us off. We met up with Astra and Turk midway, they helped us back to the ship.

We took to the air and located a new landing pad and had 4GT use his fusion cutter to open us a way in, no longer concerned with subtlety. Inside we found a big hangar. Astra plugged into the computer and before he got himself locked out, he managed to download a map of the place.

We used the map to navigate our way down to the labs Inside we found creatures that looked very similar to the beasts I fought back on our first mission together. I used the last of my grenades on a group of them, then we mopped the rest up. We stumbled across an Imperial soldier too cowardly to pull his wits together and escape with us. We promised to come back for him, but circumstances prevented us from keeping that promise. Once we got down to the labs we found tanks full of these creatures. They were being grown there.

There were two rebel guards that told us about how these creatures would save the galaxy, how we’d all become these creatures. We took the samples and they started to fight us. The creatures burst out of the tanks they had been growing in and a countdown began. At some point during this fight I lost consciousness. I think it was a blaster, but I didn’t see the shot coming. Astra must have given me a Stimpak, because I saw his face briefly when I regained consciousness. A moment later he was fending off a big beast that had broken out of the tanks while I was out.

I switched my Heavy Blaster to Full Auto and mowed one of the beasts down. Turk was almost to the door already, with the samples we had come for. We beat a rushed retreat back out of the labs as a timer counted down. We rushed past the cell with the soldier who wasn’t willing to leave, we ran through the hangar we’d used a fusion cutter to enter, we ran all the way back to our ship, with our samples.

I ordered the ship to lightspeed before the timer ran out, reasoning that if it was an explosion, we would do better the further way from it we were.

As mission commander I highly recommend a planetary bombardment of Ceibos, to eliminate any lingering threat this new rebel weapon may pose.

Mission Report End
-Cassius Numa


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