Deadly Dewbacks

Deadly Dewbacks' First Deployment Log

Securing Derelict Correllian Blockade Runner in Distress

MISSION REPORT: Cleanup Duty on Derelict Correllian Ship


  • Disable Distress Beacon – Completed
  • Secure Sample of Payload – Completed
  • Destroy Spacecraft – Completed
  • No Witnesses – Incomplete – Pursuing Possible Witness to nearby moon.

6 Security Droids
8 Pirate Spacecraft
3 Possibly Infected Lifeforms
1 Large Infected Lifeform, Suspected Payload

Met my new squad. Turk is a talkative smoker. He started the conversation while I was passing the time with some early Modal Nodes in my masks speakers. Turks a pilot, though he wasn’t flying our current transport. NVR-4GT looks like it was assembled by a Jawa on Spice, but it spoke well enough when Turk engaged it. Turk also introduced himself to Baz, a quiet man with a blaster and a wide brimmed hat.

We’d just finished introductions when the co-pilot came and told us we were rerouted to engage with derelict Correllian Blockade Runner in distress. We were given our objectives and the droid, NVR-4GT, was given command. First speech NVR gave was inspirational, talked about how we had nothing to fear from these rebels, we all took it to heart. We put on our breathers and prepped to go through the airlock.

It was dark when I stepped inside, and I was the first one to the panel. It seems none of us are genius slicers, so I hit some buttons until I got the display up and unlocked the doors. Got inside and, despite the darkness, you could see this wasn’t a standard pirate attack. There was blood on the walls of the main hall, as well as carbon scoring, from missed shots. Whatever attacked them had tore the crew apart. Turk lost his last meal, the pilot must be used to death happening at a distance, but everyone else kept cool, despite the gore. When he pulled himself back together, Turk downloaded the layout of the ship and we moved toward the main cabin.

Took a blaster bolt to the shoulder when we opened the blast doors to the crew quarters, security droids had deemed us a threat, they were fanning out to cover the room. The gunslinger and the pilot pulled their weight, knocking over a big table to use as cover and quickly took down two droids. I had gone to the right side, to keep us from getting flanked, but one of the droids got around us and put a bolt in NVR. Pulled my slug pistol and took the sneaky droid out with a shot to it’s central processor, took another shot at the droid on my side, they were all down a few seconds later.

While searching the crew quarters I found that one of the escape pods had been launched, it’s destination was a nearby moon of Argai minor. It had been accessed by something docking with the console, so I assumed a droid. We made a note that this escape pod could have contained a witness, who we’ll have to eliminate.

We got to the pilots cabin and found the pilots had died from some kind of infection, rather than dying from violence. Told Turk to get away from the pilots seat, then disabled the distress signal. Some pirates must’ve gotten the signal earlier, though, because they came out of hyperspace and immediately opened fire. Threw Turk back in the pilots seat and left the cocky bastard with Baz and the droid, to deal with the fighters.

NVR confirmed that I should move to secure the payload, so I ran back down the main hallway to get to the elevator. There were three creatures upright, hunched over, gave off some bad vibes, blocking my way into the hallway with the elevator. After reporting their presence, NVR gave the order to engage. Took out two before they knew they were in combat, the third attacked me with big long claws, didn’t get through the armor, scraped against the helmet. Caught it under the chin with the slugthrower’s barrel and removed it’s jaw. Took the elevator down when the area was clear.

By now the pirates had been dealt with outside, Turk and Baz shot them down while Droid-Commander shouted orders over the comms. Belowdeck, the lift doors opened to what looked like a medical facility with gurneys knocked over, flashing lights from broken fixtures, and dead bodies strewn about. Decided to get backup before proceeding. Took the elevator up and met with Turk, then headed back down.

When the elevator doors opened again, there was a larger version of one of the clawed creatures from before but with mottled bits of hair and four arms.. Turk and I both buried shots in the beast, then braced ourselves as NVR screamed over comms that they were coming to assist us. Thing charged Turk and slashed him with its claws, Turk’s blaster flashed again, my slug thrower let out another crack, the beast still raged. The lift doors opened and Baz moved into position, taking a shot to get the beasts attention off of us, and NVR turned on a flashlight to illuminate our target. The light seemed to make the creature really angry. It nearly scrapped the droid with its claws. Everybody opened fire then, I tried to attack it from behind, but the creature threw me into a wall. It went after Baz, he and Turk keeping it occupied while I switched back to my rifle, taking some extra time to line up a shot. Separated it’s spine from it’s skull with a slug to the back of the neck.

We turned on the lights and secured a sample of the payload. Finding no other useful information in the cargo area or on the ships computers (The droid downloaded something), we set the ship to scuttle and loaded on the escape pods. I turned up the Modal Nodes in my speakers again.

We are currently en route to a moon of the planet Argai minor, to clean up whatever witness may have gotten out with the escape pod. Just watched the Blockade Runner scuttle itself, headed into atmosphere.

End Report

- Cassius Numa


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