Deadly Dewbacks

Dorn Squad Briefing


From the desk of:
Commander Garren
506th Regiment
Carida Military Academy


I have debriefed our newest arrivals of the special operations program. I am deeply concerned with their actions on the moon of Argai Minor. While escaping from local dregs, the squad secured an Imperial astromech droid, R5-B1, and proceeded to the closest mining facility. There, they were taken captive and used for hard labor for roughly three weeks. By imploring the use of fellow prisoners, many of which were identified as missing Imperial members, the squad attempted an exodus. On a scheduled surface assignment, the prisoners managed to overtake their guards. The troopers defeated the security force and took control of the encampment’s blaster turrets. After making their way into the mining facility’s central office, they apprehended the owner, Jar-Tan Jen. From there the team contacted local authorities. Sector law enforcement secured the scene until Imperial personnel arrived to extract our members. All were returned to Carida, including R5-B1 who has been retasked to assist Dorn Squad.

I will continue to keep a close eye on Dorn Squad. I am concerned with filling troop gaps with such unorthodox outfits, especially with the sensitive nature of the work. Perhaps their superfluous character could be useful with more expendable work.



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