Deadly Dewbacks

Report on Ymia

Putting the Storm in Storm Trooper

MISSION REPORT: Infiltrate Ymia


  • Aquire Rebel contact of Salin, currently in Imperial custody. (Completed)
  • Do not alert Imperial presence to operation.

Imperial Storm Troopers
TIE Fighters
Rebel Holdouts


I would like to begin this report by apologizing for my tardiness at the initial mission briefing. I stayed out too late at The Belching Rathtar. Feliya and the Hootful Haderan Clan were headlining and they don’t make it out to this part of the galaxy often, so I indulged.

We had not been informed that Dorn Squad would be taking on additional personnel, so it was a surprise to see the leather clad civilian waiting for us in the briefing room. Garren introduced him as Astra, our new splicer. Sounds like he’s here with us on some kind of community service.

Anyway, Garren starts talking to us about Salin, Baz’s surrogate father, who’s princess kidnapping gambit we had foiled on our last mission. Analytics had gone through the hyperdrive of the Correllian Blockade Runner we’d scuttled on our first mission. By charting past locations of the ship, the Empire was able to intercept another rebel vessel and shot it down over Ymia. Among the captured rebel personnel is a man who has close ties with Salin.
Garren wanted us to retrieve this rebel agent from the makeshift holding facility, so that the rebel could be properly processed for information.

We were given control of a ship, which we named The Grand Moff Lee, after the eponymous Moff who rose to prominence in the Clone Wars, but had tragically died of an, “Over Vigorous Heart,” according to the Imperial News Vids. It was fast, armed, but uncomfortably cramped.

We rode out on a Star Destroyer on routine hyperspace patrol, sparing the team an extended ride in The Grand Moff Lee. A few days later we broke off from the Patrol, with coordinates to rendezvous at after mission completion. Astra took the comms, Baz and I set up at the guns, Turk and 4GT set down in the cockpit, and R5 plugged in to recharge at a charging station.

Ymia was a resort planet, it’s economy based on tourism and exotic game hunting. When the rebel ship crashed on Ymia’s surface, the Empire quickly established a prisoner processing center by requisitioning a sprawling resort. They had also established a steady patrol of TIE fighters and set a Star Destroyer into contiguous orbit while the operation played out below on the surface.

Turk kept us out of scanner range for the Star Destroyer, dropping quickly into atmosphere. The resort wasn’t suffering much, it was winter in this region of Ymia, when we visited. the northern hemisphere was white with snow, and blizzarding clouds. We made a pass at the resort prison, checking it’s defenses from above, but we didn’t land on site.

Instead Turk took us out over the frozen forest, settling The Grand Moff Lee down in a snowy clearing. When the doors opened I did my job and took point, the others following behind me. I picked up an old game trail and started moving us down it, figuring it would eventually bring us to a road. I was so busy looking for tracks that I didn’t hear the speeders. Astra knocked down a dead tree in the path of the troopers, hoping they’d take a detour.

Instead they smashed their speeders and landed in the snow. Everyone else made it to cover in time to keep the Troopers from seeing them. I however, was wearing dark red armor. I tried to deescalate the situation by telling them I was a private contractor leading a hunting party. As a credit to their training, they didn’t believe it. Turk emerged from the snow to back my story up, but then Astra gave himself away by stepping on a branch buried under the snow.

When the Troopers heard the snap, they rightfully expected an ambush, so they burried a bolt in Astra’s chest. 4GT and Baz sprang up out of the snow, the robot trying to coordinate us. Baz had switched his gun to stun, but the Trooper’s armor was doing it’s job. The troopers weren’t going to stun back, they were intending the use of lethal force against Baz.

I made a judgement that lethal force was necessary. Switched my Heavy Blaster to Full Auto and buried a quiver of light into their backs. Aimed for their spines, so it would be quick and painless. Carbon scoring confirmed the shot pattern was tight.

Gave Astra a Stimpak to get him back on his feet. We did our best to bury the troopers under soil, but most of it had frozen solid, so we settled for snow.

Took point again and picked up the trail the speeders had whipped through the snow. Eventually we came up on the resort. We set up a stakeout position at the edge of the forest. A LAMDA Shuttle came down from the Star Destroyer, depositing Engineers who were heading into the building. Astra attempted to mix himself with the engineering staff in order to infiltrate the facility. It looked like he was stopped just before entering, when he couldn’t produce credentials. They detained him and took him inside.

Figuring we’d lost Astra, I took some time to check along the perimeter of the resort/prison. I found every door guarded by at least four Storm Troopers. They had set up communications equipment, shield generators, anti aircraft weapons, and even an AT-ST was marching a slow loop around the facility. If I had been there as some kind of surprise inspection, I’d have been impressed.

Turk and I decided to go sneak off and find the rebel ship that crashed, leaving 4GT and Baz to wait for any communication from Astra. We followed the path leading out of the place and toward the crashed ship. Instead we came across some rebels, huddled hopelessly against eachother, a futile attempt to stave off death from the cold. With only the two of us, Turk and I decided to leave them alone, but noted their coordinates on our datapads.

Eventually I picked up the trail of Snow Trooper bootprints leading away from the rebel wreck. Followed them back to their source. By the time we arrived at the rebel ship the sun had gone down. The flames from the wreckage made the snow look orange. We made out five snow trooper guards, their shadows cast long by the crackling flames.

I sent off an unsecured broadcast, pretending to be a rebel, claiming we would be gathering reinforcements at the position we had noted on our pads earlier. Three of the snowtroopers jogged off through the snow, in the rebel’s direction. Turk and I switched our weapons to stun for the remaining two.

Unfortunately while we were sneaking closer, Turk nearly tripped on a rock hidden under the snow. The troopers noticed. I shot one of them in the arm. One took a shot at me that went wide. Turk blasted one in the chest with a stun shot and I finished off mine. We detained them and went to work setting up a secondary distress beacon on the rebel ship, hoping to draw out most of the Imperials back at the resort.

We got back to the prison and waited a bit longer. Astra snuck up on us, having used our beacon distraction to escape the facility. He told us that there would be a prisoner transfer and that he’d arranged for our ship to be a gunship escort for the transports. We rushed back through the snow to Grand Moff Lee, where R5 had already been warming up the engines for us. We hopped on and made our way to the landing pad, in formation with the transports. When we got to the pad, we were somehow able to get our rebel prisoner, but a few guards came onboard as well.

After we lifted off, I got off of the gunnery seat and started a casual conversation, during which I pulled a stun grenade from my belt and dropped it on the floor. One of the Storm Troopers noticed and said, “You dropped something.” The blast hit everyone in range, our Prisoners, the Snow Troopers, Baz, and Astra. After the blast I pulled my Light Blaster Pistol and put a stunning shot into one of the Snow Troopers that was still standing. Baz shot the other one with a stun shot.

We stuffed the nonessential personnel in the escape pods and got ready to eject them. Turk tried to take us to Hyper-Space. The Star Destroyer made contact and told us to disengage. there was an extended back and forth that Astra was brought into, claiming that the engine was doing it involuntarily. They intended to get us with the tractor beam and that was when Turk made to break away. A Tie-Fighter that was part of our escort dropped behind us and made a strafing shot. It became clear that things wouldn’t be going well.

I strapped myself into the gunner seat and took a few shots. The matrix was totally different. Turk jerked the ship around and kept us out of trouble, one of the TIE Fighters ran into one of the other prisoner transports, causing unwanted casualties. Baz fired a Proton Torpedo and knocked one TIE into TIE. I obliterated the last one with a turret shot, managing not to hit any transports.

Once we were clear, Turk took us to hyperspace. As we broke into the blue strobe, Astra was bragging about having completely wiped our prisoner’s presence from The Resort’s records.

I would like to note I sincerely regret the loss of Imperial personnel during this mission, but believe we acted correctly given our orders and the circumstances that played out on the field.

End Report
-Cassius Numa


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