Deadly Dewbacks


…n’t find the HoloNet app on this thing. The ithorian I bought it from said it had HoloNet on it. Maybe it’s in the tutorial… Hell with it, I’ll do it later. Wait, is this it? Yes!

No connection available? What kind of druk is that?? I want to look up information on those pirates. Maybe the data I dumped from the blockade runner includes local news…

Full minute of background chatter and engine hum

No, I didn’t forget anything: it’s all on me. “Light travel? Travel light,” my commander used to say. Although I could’ve used some protection down in the cargo hold. Look at the bruise that thing left in my ribs! I can’t sit up right.

Can’t believe how that thing was built. We unloaded our blasters on the thing and it didn’t flinch. Hell, it swabbed the deck with our droid’s blood.

Yes, lubricant.

Did you ever hear that joke about the astromech bartender? Hold on, I want to catch your reactions. Let me set my datapad to record…


synthpopplaid phasetwenty

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