Deadly Dewbacks

1st Report on Surcasis

An Investigation Into Changing Loyalties

MISSION REPORT: Surcasis Mission


  • Investigate King Donovan H’Darr’s intention to join the Rebel Alliance.

Three rebel soldiers. – Deceased
Droid – Detained but unharmed.
Local Law Enforcement – Stunned but otherwise unharmed.

Kodo Ray – Deceased (Killed by Rebels.)

Requisitioned a Heavy Blaster Rifle and a Light Blaster Pistol, was really excited to use them. Later received news that this would not be a combat op. Brought the blasters anyway.

Baz was placed in charge of the unit by Command. It was decided that we should not represent ourselves as Imperials, given the changing political climate. Put the helmet in a tactical backpack and hung a poncho over the rest. This worked out, it was cold when we landed, and the poncho did not stand out.

The buildings in Tinia were a combination of ostentatious prewar edifices with post-war enhancements brought in from various parts of the galaxy. We were looking for one structure in particular: a bar. Baz and Turk thought we might find our contact, Kodo Rey, inside.

Walked in and took a position near the bartender, keeping an eye on the front door. The other three made their way over to a table that Coto was occupying. They sat down and talked for short period, Kodo looked pretty nervous. Turns out his paranoia wasn’t unwarranted, as it didn’t take very long for rebels to show up. They were looking for Kodo, I guess, because they made as if they would head right for him.

Stole a drink and broke the nearest jaw available, then dove behind the bar for cover. The rebels opened fire, so the heavy blaster rifle got to break in it’s auto-fire mode. Made one rebel into a martyr, maimed another, but not before they shot our fleeing contact in the back.

Baz turned up behind the bar too, sent a few shots at the rebels, but they went wild, ricocheting and igniting a pool of alcohol between us and the attackers. Another round of auto fire from the heavy blaster rifle brought the last two down. We retreated out the back door with Kodo’s body, before the place burned down.

Baz, Turk, and 4GT got a lead from Kodo before he died. The King’s daughter, Princess Cerronea H’darr, had vanished a few nights ago, about the time when the King seemed to change his mind about being part of the Empire. We went off to the hotel she’d last been seen at, where she had bee attending some kind of school event.

Once inside the hotel we hit a few stumbling blocks. We couldn’t get the Concierge to let us get a room, a few levels of the hotel had been completely shut off to visitors, and local law enforcement was crawling all over the place. Failed at getting a uniform, so Baz and Turk went off on their own to find some.

While they were gone, 4GT and I hung out at the bar, listening to the band. Waited until one of the off duty staffers of the hotel broke away from his drinking buddies and went off to use the facilities. In the restroom he suffered a concussion, but he didn’t have the kind of ID required to get upstairs.

Baz and Turk came back with two mobile laundry hampers and staff uniforms, so those of us without uniforms hid inside the hampers. When we got upstairs they had to be escorted by a guard. When they found the laundry room we stunned the guard with the new blaster rifle. Put on the uniform and escorted them to the next floor up, where the kidnapping presumedly happened.

Once we were up there and past the next set of guards, we found a Droid guarding a door. After some insults and 4GT trying to play sympathetic, the droid admitted that it was guarding the room the Princess had been occupying when she was kidnaped. After it repeatedly refused to grant us entry, it became clear that force was necessary. Tackled the droid and knocked it through the door, the other three followed behind and barricaded us in.

Eventually reached an arrangement with the droid and it let 4GT plug directly into it. We found out that the Princess wasn’t kidnapped at all, she’d left willingly, with Baz’s old mentor Salin. Never heard of the guy, buy Baz seemed pretty worried.

We made our way out of the hotel without alerting anybody, then found a place to plan our next move…


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