Astra Mitnick

He likes big bots and he cannot lie...



Name: Astra Mitnick
Race: Human
Home Planet: Kuat
Career: Technician
Specialization: Slicer
Rank: Trooper 3
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 165lbs
Age: 25
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


Astra stands 5’11", has short, messy brown hair & green eyes. His parents were mechanics on Kuat at the time of his birth and Astra was raised for the first 13 years of his life beneath the Scaffolding in space that made up the impressive Kuat Drive Yards. It was no surprise that under his parents influence, Astra picked up the trade of mechanics and programming very easily. Astra became one of the youngest mechanics allowed to work on Imperial warships in the Yards, in part due to his control under pressure.

Several years later after Astra had truly begun down the path he was born for, his father was offered a special job. Astra wasn’t allowed to know anything about it, top secret and all. But he was proud that his father garnered enough attention as an engineer to be considered among so much competition. It was a five year contract and so they had a positive goodbye.

A couple years go by and Astra is offered a job out of the dock yards. He had figured out a problem with an Imperial Officers central computer in his personal ship. The Officers own mechanic and technicians were unable to fix it up until that point, so this made an impression. Astra was tasked to a specific team of programmers working on some new targeting systems for what he assumed were a new class of warship. He had fun speculating on what it might be. He never imagined the truth though.

A few more years go by and Astra knows his fathers time on his secret project is coming to an end and he’s going to see him pretty soon. They’ve had their calls and the very occasional leave time, but it was rare. But instead of being reunited with his father for good, he and his mother were given notice that he had passed away. It said he was killed in a hangar bay accident when the artificial gravity went haywire.

Astra and his mother were stricken with grief and for a while that’s how life was. Bleak and joyless. Rumors began to surface though in certain corners of information that Astra was privy to from time to time. This led him to investigate his fathers death much further. It eventually got Astra in trouble as he hacked into Empire networks to discover the truth. He was found and arrested.

The crime that Astra committed was essentially being pressed as treason by those who caught him. Eventually he was seen by a much higher ranking individual within the Empire. His name is Commander Garren and he began to do a much more thorough interview with Astra. This interview revealed Astra’s newfound hatred for the rebellion terrorists. He’d do anything to have his chance to bring them down for killing his father, who had been assigned to work on the Death Star. Commander Garren offered Astra immunity for his crimes, in exchange for using those skills in the fight against the Scum. Astra would be put into military service and trained up to then be put into a special assignment. This would turn into the squad he is currently a part of and growing to know better and better.

Die, Rebel Scum.

Astra Mitnick

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