Baz Kellen

Soldier/Smuggler for the Imperial Army



Name: Baz Kellen
Race: Human
Home Planet: Corellia
Career: Smuggler
Specialization: Gunslinger
Rank: Trooper 3
Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 82 kilos
Age: 27 standard years
Hair: Black


Please tell us about yourself:

An orphaned street-rat, Baz quickly learned how to steal without rousing attention. At age 12, Baz befriended an old, homeless man named Salin. Salin, a veteran of the Virgillian Free Army, enjoyed exchanging gun-handling lessons for an ear upon which to recount his devastating losses at the hands of the Galactic Republic.

Baz spent time in the outer rim, trading in weapons and medical supplies, but always seemed to return to his home planet. There, he was known for two things: his skills with a pistol, and his love for card games. At age 22, during what would be his last trip home, he leveraged his freedom in a game of Sabacc; a careless attempt at reducing his gargantuan debt with Groola the Hutt. Would you believe our ill-fated protagonist lost that hand? Almost immediately, he felt a sharp pain in his neck; when he awoke, he found himself on an Imperial Army recruit transport. He always wondered what price Groola settled on for him.

Do you have any previous connection with the Empire?

The first few months in the Imperial Army’s employ were turbulent. Baz’ loner mentality and penchant for rebelling against authority were met with harsh resistance by both his peers and his commanders. They were, however, quick to value his resourcefulness and combat competence.

It wasn’t until his first deployment to Narg, that he learned his place in the Empire. His knowledge of supply trading in the Outer Rim tied with his recent military training made him invaluable in evaluating the resources taken from the locals. Since then, he’s made the adjustment from loner to loyal member of the Imperial Army. He used his talents to rise to the rank of Corporal in a relatively short amount of time. As a vital smuggler and resource manager, many of the soldiers he comes in contact with know him by name.

Where were you when we lost the Death Star?

Baz was dispatched along with the rest of his company to Dantooine, where he was ordered to recover or destroy any remaining supplies left by the rebel forces.


Baz Kellen

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