Cassius Numa

Fomerly Retired Stormtrooper



Name: Cassius Numa
Race: Human
Home Planet: Coruscant
Career: Soldier
Specialization: Sharp Shooter, Vanguard, Other
Rank: Trooper 3
Height: 1.8 meters,
Weight: 77 Kilos
Age: 37 standard years
Hair: Brown and gray


Please tell us about yourself:
Born on Coruscant, middle child. I grew up watching the Galactic Republic become the The Empire. I remember the day the Jedi failed in their coup of the Emperor. Sometimes, when I’ve had too much brandy, I wonder how different the galaxy would be, if the Jedi had succeeded.

My family wasn’t too bad off. Dad worked in a Speeder factory and Mother fabricated cloth for Coruscant’s burgeoning fabric industry. They had four kids, though, so they spent most of their money taking care of us. I felt bad, leaving them and joining up the way I did.

Diehard fan of Coruscant Metropolitan Club, Pentax is an honorable game, some real men of character play it. Recently found out I hate vacations. Discovered a new appreciation for Slug Throwers, affordable guns for a retiree on pension.

Do you have any previous connection with the Empire?
Was an Imperial Stormtrooper for a decade and a half. First wave of volunteers after they discontinued the clones. Idolized the Jedi and the Clonetroopers back during the Clone Wars. Got recruited underage, lied, but looked older anyway. Course, then there were no Jedi and the only clones left weren’t as glorious as all that. Most of them were held together by after market parts.

Learned to listen to them real quick. Learned from their mistakes, learned what they would teach, and then learned how the last of them would die. Envied their sense of purpose as they where whittled down, mission after mission. Saw the galaxy, brought peace and prosperity, lost friends, stopped making new ones. Benefit of the mask kinda, as Stormtroopers we don’t get attached to faces. We do remember voices. Trained to.

Anyway, retired early. Never really pursued any goals outside service to the Empire, didn’t really know anything else. Didn’t want to end up all after market parts, like the clones. Got out about three years ago, spent the time since then traveling the galaxy without shooting at people. Even revisited some of the worlds we helped conquer. Enjoyed the peace that we grunts had helped build.

Where were you when we lost the Death Star?:

Sitting at a bar on a beach when it came over the holo-vids. Heard about Alderaan a few days before, but those rebel loving bastards had it coming. You can’t harbor terrorists and advocate on their behalf and not expect retaliation. But then to hear about the Death Star, our largest space station, being completely obliterated? That Space Station assured that no more Stormtroopers would have to be deployed on the ground, or at least only in small scale conflicts where it wasn’t worth destroying a whole world. The rebels had destroyed the only weapon that could assure absolute peace throughout the Galaxy.

By the time the third glass of Correllian Brandy was finished, my anger had reached it’s peak. Left that bar and got transport to the nearest Imperial Outpost and asked for the old job back.

As long as there’s still strength in this body, it won’t let these rebels ruin the peace we sacrificed so much to have. Those blast-holes have to pay.

Character Sheet

Cassius Numa

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