Turk Venwea

I swear, I never touched her lekku!



Name: Turk Venwea
Race: That’s racist.
Home Planet: Not sure
Career: Ace
Specialization: Hot shit
Rank: Trooper 3


Please tell us about yourself

I was born at an early age and I’m meant to do one thing: fly. Between missions you can find me doing the next closest thing: practicing my skills in a speeder, even racing some local fools. If I can’t be doing that, I’ll be in a smoke-filled bar sharking the locals at pazaak or chatting with whoever is interesting.

Do you have any previous connection with the Empire?

I’ve been a commissioned officer for a few years, does that count?

Where were you when we lost the Death Star?

I was aboard a star destroyer when I got word. The burn on my shoe from the fumerillo that dropped out of my mouth reminds me of what I felt in that moment: shock. One of the few times I can remember being speechless. The Rebels want to deal in genocide, so be it.

Character Sheet

Turk Venwea

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