Deadly Dewbacks

Mission Report: Surcasis


Enemies Engaged

Commendable Citizens

Mission Details

First thing I remember is visiting a bar. Name of the bar? Doesn’t matter: it burned down! We met our guy Kodo Ray easily enough. Shifty guy from my recollection. No sooner did we make his acquaintance did some fringer-looking tough guys walk in and started shooting.

I managed to protect our contact from the rebels’ initial volley but he still managed to take a fatal shot. Before he kicked it, he let me know some vital information: the king’s daughter has gone missing from her hotel room. I knew we had to investigate.

Security at her hotel was tight, but we finessed our way past, undetected. In her room, we found her security droid waiting and after some negotiating, he divulged what he knew about her disappearance. She’d left with a man who [:baz-kellen|Baz] recognized as his old mentor Salin. By all the evidence it was not an abduction.

Next we acquired a base of operations, where we launched our next endeavor: find a way to contact Salin. Our friend Kodo’s belongings held the name of someone in the criminal element who could help us.

It took only a minor payoff to get this quarren’s help, and we were face to face with Io Novar. In exchange for information on Salin, we gave Novar the data from the princess’ security droid minus any data regarding our operation. Novar gave us the address of a hangar he knew to be used by Salin.

After some rest, we drove by the hangar on recon. Nothing came of it so we decided to leverage our connection to Salin and had Baz meet with him. Baz couldn’t get Salin to divulge anything, but did earn his trust enough to ask Baz to deliver a message to the king.

I took it upon myself to meet with the king, while the rest of the team would stand ready to breach the structure as soon as I gave the word. Talking to the king revealed some important information: the note was a message from her abductors informing him that he must announce public support for the Rebellion by the Surcasis government. If he did, his daughter would be returned to him. Instead of that plan, I offered to retrieve his daughter from these people in exchange for some less public support for the Empire: some favorable fee reductions for Imperial ships docking here. He acquiesced, and I gave the team the go ahead.

I arrived at the hangar just as they needed evac. I picked them up, with the princess. Soon after she was reunited with her father.

Dictated but not read.


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