Deadly Dewbacks

Rebels Attack!

Plugging Holes on a Sinking Ship

MISSION REPORT: Escape the Doomed Star Destroyer: Onslaught


  • Secure XR XII Stimpak Samples -

Rebel Soldiers – Deceased
Salin – Captured
Rebel Droids – Avoided

Avoid All Boarding Action on The Onslaugt, haul it into the nearest star.

Crew of the Star Destroyer

We were given medical attention for our extensive wounds when we returned to the Star Destroyer we had deployed from: The Onslaught. We would be taking The Onslaught back to Carida to turn in the Stimpak Samples from our mission on Ceibos.

We were taking some R&R at Rebo’s Pool, the only Club on the ship that played Galactic Jizz. Turk was gambling, Baz was wisecracking, and I was making progress with Bae, the tender of the bar. She was a sweet, dark skinned human who enjoyed listening to my old war stories. Too young for me, but a guy can hope. Unfortunately this time was cut short as the Star Destroyer abruptly departed hyperspace.

Lots of the patrons lost their footing, and I caught Bae before she hit her head on the bar. Claxon’s began to blare and demanded we take up our battle stations. Over the intercom we could hear the automated systems announce: Damage Reported at Hangar, Reactor, Barracks, and Bridge. I encouraged Bae to get to safety and gathered up the Dewbacks, ordering the crew to head to the barracks and arm up.

We met up with 4GT in our quarters. I put on my armor and Baz threw on some Snow Trooper armor. In my backpack I carried the Medpac and our disease and antidote samples. Turk was already headed to the hangar when I gave an order for him and 4GT to head there. I thought that they should get out into their fighters as soon as possible before the hangar was shut down, and incase Baz and I got in trouble and required an evac.

Baz and I headed deeper into the Barracks to straighten out whatever was happening there. In my headset I cued up Gigi Tonen and the Blasting Bass Blasters, one of my favorite tracks, it’s manic high pitches and constant beat keeping me on my toes as we cautiously made our way deeper into the barracks.

At first there was an endless stream of people pushing past us but slowly the level of retreating personnel dropped significantly, until there was no one passing by us anymore. We came to a darkened hallway section with a cylindrical obstruction that had burst through the ceiling. Baz moved ahead and checked it out. It was covered with pods, which opened up immediately and began leaking little droids. The droids began expelling gas. I ordered Baz back and closed the blast doors behind us, hoping the droids would waste the gas. I wasn’t sure our helmets could handle it.

We retreated and I called out to 4GT about the threat, then asked him to notify Astra that we should find out why we’d been pulled out of Hyperspace. We communicated that there was gas and everyone would need filtration units. 4GT relayed this over Comms and the stations speakers.

We made our way to the bridge to meet up with Turk, to see about taking over controls and salvaging the Star Destroyer. We checked the controls and found that the bridge had suffered a breach. I reasoned that these were probably the same droids that had been injected into the barracks. On the other side of the door was either poison gas or raw vacuum. Baz and I left Turk to figure it out, with 4GT Coordinating some droids that could go into the bridge with him and take control of the Star Destroyer.

Baz and I broke off to head to the Reactor, where I recalled that there had been report of a breach. The Reactor is voiding energy all over. The staff was in shambles, running around like crazy. The whole ship would soon explode if they didn’t get back to their jobs.

I grabbed the nearest scrambling engineer and demanded a status report. He told me that there was damage and they didn’t know how to contain it. I squeezed on his throat and calmly explained that he could either get to repairing the ship or they’d all die, and that wouldn’t be because the ship had crashed or rebels would kill them, but that I would personally obliterate them.

The engineer got to work on repairs and began stabilizing the ship. Our limited options were becoming increasing limited as the ship took damage from a rebel attack on the outside. We became worried we would have to leave in the Grand Moff Lee.

It took debate over the comms, but we decided to vacate the Star Destroyer and advise a retreat. Baz and I ran out of the reactor core and made our way to the hangar, to get to our ship. When we arrived, a rebel transport had landed in the bay and begun spraying blaster fire out over the Imperials therein. I ran into the fight and let my heavy blaster go full auto, the others opened fire and we mowed down multiple targets and even blasted Salin with a few bolts. Took out the mounted turreteer.

Salin took down my cover with his weird gun. It destroyed the boxes I was hiding behind for cover. Turk ran by me, taking a few shots at the Rebels as he passed, headed to prep our ship for takeoff. Baz and I continued to provide cover fire while 4GT loped after Turk. Most of the blaster fire was aimed in my direction, my red armor must make me stand out.

Reached to my belt and plucked a Frag Grenade, throwing it into the U-Wing and blasting those inside. The computers were destroyed and the U-Wing lifted off the bay floor only to careen into a wall as it’s boosters continued to accelerate. Salin scrambled out of cover and I chased. Baz broke out of cover and chased as well, firing at Salin with his weapon on stun.

Didn’t have time to switch my Blaster Rifle to Stun like Baz did. Instead put a blaster bolt through Salin’s kneecap, knocking the old man down and nearly removing his leg. The old smuggler spun around and squeezed off a bolt of plasma into Baz’ chest. Baz collapsed on the old man and fired his stun bolt into the man’s arm, rendering his firing hand useless.

Behind us, Turk positioned the ships guns and took out the remaining Rebel. Tried to get Baz’ wounds under control but couldn’t stop the bleeding, though a Stimpak helped get him in better condition temporarily. We loaded Salin into the ship and exited the hangar bay just as the infected people emerged from the depths of the ship and began to wreak havoc.

We found Astra waiting onboard The Grand Moff Lee. Then, with our samples and Salin secured, we raced away from the Star Destroyer hangar just as a horde of infected personnel broke through the hangar doors.

Further Reporting pending…
-Cassius Numa


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