Deadly Dewbacks

Starfight, Starbright

After The Onslaught

MISSION REPORT: After The Onslaught


  • Secure XR XII Stimpak Samples and return them to Corida – Pending

Two Squads of X-Wings: Mostly Deceased

One moment we were aboard the Onslaught, pulling away in the Grand Moff Lee, and the next we were engulfed in a barrage of angry plasma and fighters. We were determined to get to Corida.

There were numerous X-Wing squads looking for targets. Two of them direct their attention at the Grand Moff Lee. I started strapping Salin in and shouted for Baz to get in a gun seat, despite his heavy bleeding. As he started shooting at the oncoming X-Wings, I patched up his wound with my Medpac. It was a hard task, given the yoking and swerving Turk was putting the Lee through. I got his bleeding to stop, saving the smuggler’s life and ensuring the continued operation of his blaster turret.

As the ship lurched to one side, I used the momentum to throw myself into the missile operators chair. 4GT howled targets off at us and the Dewbacks went to work. Turk punched the speed, shooting away from the X-Wings, who gave chase. Baz used the mounted guns to fire off a few warning shots at the approaching X-Wings. The sound shocked Astra into a flurry of action at the communications console. He spooled up a Hyperspace route and refocused our shields against the oncoming attackers.

The first squad of X-Wings strafed us but Turk spun the Grand Moff Lee away from the shots easily, meanwhile the second squad was lining up for an attack run. 4GT read us off the coordinates of the ships new positions. Astra jammed their communications, to keep the squads from ringing the M60 Capital Ship looping in the distance.

An indicator light came on for the weapon controls I was manning, I dialed in 4GT’s coordinates and fired a missile, scrapping the lead X-Wing of the lead squad, raining debris on the fighters behind it. Baz fired into the same group and tore into another X-Wing. Turk swung the ship around to return fire, finishing off Baz’ target and disabling a second fighter, leaving that squad with only two. The leadership of the squad must have been taken out, because the remaining two ships couldn’t manage to focus on the Grand Moff Lee long enough to shoot it.

The secondary squad loomed, shifting itself into better positioning, despite Turk’s efforts to keep them from our tail. 4GT shouted out more vectors and Astra boosted the shields, rotating some from the front to cover our rear. My weapon was slow, and while it reloaded I shouted out visuals of the incoming squad. Baz fired into the remaining pair of the first squad, with Turk swinging the ships Ion Cannons around and shouting, “Die Rebel Scum!” as the cannons decimated one X-Wing and nearly crippled the second.

The second squad, following behind us, had to pull back to avoid the scraps and floating bodies of their rebel companions. 4GT pulled up a hud on my weapons display, indicating the leader of the squad, while Astra confirmed positions and estimated the X-Wings course. I took it all in, lined up the X-Wings in the missile controls, and fired, a blue trail shooting off into space toward the rebels. The two lead craft spun out of the way of the missile, leaving the squadron leader wide open. His ship exploded, sending his wings outward to crash into the two ships behind him, until they too became part of the explosion. Baz fired into the debris cloud for good measure, Turk made another retaliatory attack, but did little damage.

The X-Wings responded with a Proton Torpedo. It slammed into our shield and damaged the ships systems, but the Grand Moff Lee kept flying. Baz fired again and finished off the last X-Wing of the first squad, Turk shifted the ship around and used the Ion Cannons to tear apart one of the remaining two from the second squad. The lone remaining X-Wing charged us, fired it’s torpedos, which went wide, and then punched their engines, shooting back toward the M60.

As soon as they were out of the ships weapon’s ranges, Astra and I got to our feet, working on stabilizing The Grand Moff Lee. Astra shifted power away from the damaged systems, rerouting them to the Hyperdrive and cutting down on our wait time. A few moments later the pinpoints of stars shifted into long blue lines, spinning around the cockpit, as we broke into Hyperspace.

Turk pulled out a clutch of cigars, offering them to everyone. I removed my helmet and took one, lighting it up. Behind us, the Onslaught hung hopeless in space, but we would complete our mission and return these samples to Corida.

End Mission Summary
-Cassius Numa


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