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  • Commander Garren

    Commanding officer of the 506th, overseeing Special Operations based out of Carida. Requires loyalty of his men; a leading factor in his distrust of the new experimental units. He is hesitant to put critical missions in the hands of Dorn Squad.

  • R5-B1

    Previously assigned to the now decommissioned CR90 Sato, R5-B1 was the sole survivor of an attack on the ship by unidentified creatures. The droid boarded an escape pod after securing a payload of the ships cargo. R5 and the cargo were captured on the …

  • Salin

    A veteran of the Virgillian Civil War. Large swaths of Salin's past are currently unknown. After his time fighting for the Virgillian Free Alignment, he found himself on Corellia. There he befriended a young [[:baz-kellen | Baz Kellen]], acting somewhat …

  • Varik Treg

    A rebel trooper known to [[:commander-garren | Garren]] for trading information. The extent of his double dealing is not currently known to the Dewbacks. Recently, he has provided the Empire with the location of a secret rebel prison colony being used by …

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