Deadly Dewbacks

Cassius' Follow up Surcasis Mission Report

"I think you need another drink."

MISSION REPORT: Surcasis Mission (Part 2)

Investigate King Donovan H’Darr’s intention to join the Rebel Alliance. – Completed

7 Rebel Guerillas – Deceased
Salin – Alive

Kodo Ray – Deceased (Killed by Rebels.)


Like any great citizen of the Empire, Kodo Rey’s death did not prevent him from continuing to serve. We used his home as an ad hoc HQ for the duration of the Surcasis mission. After a night of rest, we set out the next morning to find a contact which the others had pulled from Kodo’s rolodex, a Quarran named Josh Thorn. Kodo’s posthumous generosity continued, when he volunteered en abstentia to let us borrow his speeder.

When most everyone else in Tinia was having their breakfasts, we were sauntering through a seedy Paza’ak Den looking for Surcasian criminals. Turk found Josh Thorn at a table, then convinced the Quarren to use the brand new Heavy Blaster Rifle for collateral on a game. It was a tense game, but Turk won. At first Josh tried to accuse us of cheating, but after Turk bought a round for everyone, the Paza’ak player calmed down and cooperated, giving us information about an Ithorian named Io Novar, who might know more information about Salin’s kidnapping operation. Asked Turk what his plan was if he lost the game. Didn’t care for his response.

We were lead to a Spice Den, one we were assured Io Novar liked to frequent. Turk, who loves the sound of his own voice, talked the Ithorian into trading data from the Princesses Droid for information about Salin’s location. Turk wiped everything about us from the data, then transferred the rest to Novar. The transaction complete, we headed off to the warehouse district, to look for Salin’s compound.

Our initial pass didn’t give us much information, so I asked to be dropped off on a roof across from Salin’s warehouse. After doing a sweep of the building’s exterior, no guards were found, only cameras. After some encouragement, Baz was dropped off a block or so off and he walked himself to the front door. He talked to a droid, or a data pad, leaving a message for Salin to meet him for drinks later. Baz then took the speeder and headed off to meet with Salin. When Baz confirmed that the Princess was in the compound he’d say the signal words, “I think you need another drink,” then we would breach the compound.

We waited as the rain fell, myself on top of a rooftop, scope trained on the front gate. A ship left out the top of the hangar, headed in Baz’ direction. We listened in on Baz talking to a guy who turned out to be his old mentor. Salin didn’t trust Baz, he’d brought backup just in case. EVentually Salin gave him a task, to hand deliver a note to King H’darr, then Salin left. The signal never came. Baz opened the letter and found it was a threat for King H’Darr to meet their ransom and they would hand the Princess over.

We decided to switch Baz for Turk, sending the latter off to meet with King H’Darr and deliver the note. Whatever he did there, it worked. H’Darr gave us free reign for our operation, the law enforcement reaction time would be slow, he promised. Turk gave the go ahead and I moved to enter the compound through the roof, as the ship carrying Salin returned to the compound.

The landing wasn’t quiet, the rebels opened fire and tore a hole through my chest. The shot must’ve seared lung tissue, breathing was hard and still hasn’t gotten better. Took a Stimpack and asked 4GT if he could use his fusion cutter to get through the front door. In moments, he and Baz burst through the hole the Droid had made, joining the fray.

Took a shot that didn’t go well, burried myself in cover behind the wall of a fuel shack. There was noise from inside the fuel holding area, a muffled woman’s voice. Went around the back side of the hut, took a Stimpack. Took a moment to recover, finished the walk around the shack, fatally perforated the three rebels standing there. Caught a glimpse of Baz running toward the ship Salin had just landed in, it was preparing for takeoff. Baz put a bolt in the ceiling door controls, stalling them for a while.

Standing upon the bodies of my rebel foes, I peaked inside the fuel depot and recognized the Princess tied up inside. She was tied to a bomb on a countdown, which one of the rebels must have activated. Called out on Comms that the Princess had been found. Baz peeled away from his attempt to get aboard Salin’s ship, instead coming to untie the Princess.

A manned turret emplacement opened fire, an impossibly direct hit in the back. Let the shot spin me around, took out one more rebel, while 4GT dropped a comms satellite on the gunnery emplacement. Baz was having some trouble with the ropes and the bombs and some sage advice from an old Storm Trooper must’ve gone a long way, because after speaking with him, he got her free. We managed to get the Princess out in time, though Salin escaped on his ship. Turk arrived just in time, swinging Kodo’s speeder into the open roof and allowing us all to get aboard before the facility exploded.

Back at Kodo’s place we asked the Princess a few questions about her culpability in her own kidnapping. She gave the impression she hadn’t realized what she was getting herself into. Still, 4GT and I thought we should report her. But Turk had made a deal with the King, insuring that Surcasis would continue to support the Empire for now.

There was a party, but I stayed at Kodo’s residence, recovering from my wounds. It was nice to have the place to myself. Kodo had a pretty good sound system and good taste in music. Guy deserved better.

- Cassius Numa


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