Possible rebel sympathizer


Cocky bastard attacked us onboard a Star Destroyer. In the course of our evacuation, we took him into custody. He sustained some serious damage. When we landed for repairs, I took him to a doctor to hang out in a Bacta tank. I’ve been dragging him around sense.


A veteran of the Virgillian Civil War. Large swaths of Salin’s past are currently unknown. After his time fighting for the Virgillian Free Alignment, he found himself on Corellia. There he befriended a young Baz Kellen, acting somewhat as a mentor for the abandoned child. The two fell out of contact after Baz became a member of the Galactic Empire.

Salin reappeared years later while Baz was investigating the case of the kidnapped Princess H’darr. Salin was responsible for her kidnapping, seemingly on behalf of the Rebel Alliance. Imperial intelligence seems to suspect he is acting as an agent for an extremist rebel officer. He was last seen fleeing Surcasis.


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