Combat Check

A type of Skill Check in which a character is attacking in Structured Gameplay.

Combat Check Flowchart

Step 1. Declare An Attack and Select Targets

  • Choose what Skill and weapon you will be using. Then pick a target.

Step 2. Assembly the Dice Pool

Range Band Difficulty
Melee 2 md-real-difficulty.png
Engaged 1 md-real-difficulty.png
Short 1 md-real-difficulty.png
Medium 2 md-real-difficulty.png
Long 3 md-real-difficulty.png
Extreme 4 md-real-difficulty.png
  • Add +1 md-real-setback.png equal to the target’s Defense Rating.
  • Apply additional Modifiers.

Step 3. Pool Results and Deal Damage

  • +1 Damage per each uncanceled Success. (Do not forget that Triumphs count as 1 Success)
  • If multiple targets, apply additional Damage to each.

Step 4. Resolve Advantage and Triumph


Step 5. Resolve Threat and Despair


Step 6. Reduce Damage, Apply to Wound Threshold, and Apply Critical Injuries

  • Subtract Soak Value from Damage.
  • Apply remaining Damage as wounds.
  • If Damage suffered is greater than Wound Threshold, apply Critical Injury.
  • If more than 1 Critical Injury is sustained, Roll once and +10 for every additional CI.

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Combat Check

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