Conditions and Situational Modifiers

Ranged Attack Against an Engaged Target

If target is engaged with an ally: +1 Difficulty
If attack is successful but generates Despair, the ally is shot instead.

Ranged Attack While Engaged

+1md-real-boost.png on Brawl or Melee Check against character attempting to make a ranged attack while engaged.

Engaged w/ Ranged (Light): +1 Difficulty
Engaged w/ Ranged (Heavy): +2 Difficulty
Engaged w/ Gunnery: Impossible


+1 md-real-boost.png to Melee / Brawl Checks against prone character.
+1 md-real-setback.png to Melee / Brawl Checks made by prone character.
+1 md-real-setback.png to Ranged Checks made against prone character.

Two-Weapon Combat
  • Ranged (Light) and/or One-Handed Melee / Brawl weapons.
  • Combined Check with both weapons:

Step 1. Choose primary weapon
Step 2. Build Dice Pool using lower of either Skill and lower of either Characteristic. Use greter of either difficulty. If difficulty the same for each, +1. If difficulty is different, +2.
Step 3. A successful attack hits with the primary weapon. +1 DMG per uncalled Success as normal.

  • May spend 2 Advantage or 1 Triumph to hit with secondary weapon as well.
  • May spend 1 Advantage or 1 Triumph to activate Qualities from either weapon.
Unarmed Combat
  • Combat Check (Brawl), Base DMG = Brawn Rating, Range = Engaged, Critical Rating = 5, Disorient 1, Knockdown.
  • Can apply DMG to either Strain or Wound Threshold, both after Soak.
  • Brawl weapons add stats.
Improvised Weapons
  • Combat Check (Melee)
  • Add Brawn Rating to DMG
  • Automatically generates 1 threat.png
  • 1 Despair or 2 Threat = Weapon breaks.
  • Large weapons requires 2 hands and Silhouette 1.
Size Difference

’+1 Difficulty if target is 2+ Silhouette smaller.
-1 Difficulty if target is 2+ Silhouette larger.

Conditions and Situational Modifiers

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