Actions not complex enough for a Skill Check. Simple enough that a character cannot fail but still require time and effort. Character’s get 1 free maneuver per turn in Structured Gameplay. A character can take an extra maneuver for 2 Strain. Any free maneuvers taken out of turn do not count against the character’s limit.

Types of Maneuvers:


Character gives up additional movements, Maneuvers, and Actions until next Combat Check. If the character takes damage greater than their Soak, the Aim benefits are negated.
Aim for 1 turn to gain 1 md-real-boost.png
Aim for 2 turns to gain 2 md-real-boost.png
Aim for 1 turn and suffer 2 md-real-setback.png for called shot.
Aim for 2 turns and suffer 1 md-real-setback.png for called shot.


Add 1 md-real-boost.png to another character’s next Check. GM’s discretion for what can be assisted and by how many.

Guarded Stance

Add 1 md-real-setback.png to any Combat Checks for +1 Melee Defense until the end of their next turn.

Interact with the Environment

  • Moving a large item: flipping over a table, throwing a crate, lifting a box.
  • Opening or closing a door: Blast door or manual with latches.
  • Taking cover: Ducking behind boxes or looking around a corner. +1 Ranged Defense

Manage Gear

  • Draw, holster, ready, or load a weapon.
  • Draw something from storage, or put it away.

Mount or Dismount

Getting into, on, out of, or off a trained animal or vehicle.


  • Change range increment:
    • Move between short and medium range with 1 Maneuver.
    • Move between medium and long or long and extreme with 2 Maneuvers.
      Multiple Move Maneuvers do not have to be done consecutively. The character is not considered to be in a new range until all Moves are complete. See pg. 221 for Range Bands.
  • Engage or disengage from an opponent: Move from engaged to short range in regards to an enemy.
  • Moving within short range: An unengaged character can move to another position within short range.

Drop Prone or Stand from Prone

Dropping to prone +1 md-real-setback.png to all ranged attacks
and +1 md-real-boost.png to all melee attacks made against character.


Required for some talents and abilities.

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