Assisted Check

A Skill Check where the Skills and Characteristics of each participant are used.

Skilled Assistance

  • When comparing Skill Rate and matching Characteristic, use the greater of all those assisting.

EXAMPLE: Tendaar the engineer is assisting Zal the ace with an Astrogation check to set hyperdrive coordi- nates. Zal has Intellect 2 and Astrogation 3, and Tendaar has Intellect 4 and Astrogation 0. Zal’s player chooses to use Tendaar’s Intellect 4 and Zal’s Astrogation 3 when making the skill check, resulting in the following dice pool: 1 Ability Die and 3 Proficiency Dice

Unskilled Assistance

If assisting character does not have greater Skill Rating or Characteristic, add 1 md-real-boost.png to the check.

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Assisted Check

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