Character Creation


Step 1. Determine Background pg. 43
Step 2. Determine Duty pg. 46
Step 3. Select a Species pg. 51
Step 4. Select Career pg. 61
Step 5. Select Specialization pg. 61
Step 6. Invest Experience Points pg. 102
Step 7. Determine Derived Attributes pg. 104
Step 8. Determine Motivation pg. 103
Step 9. Choose Gear and Appearance pg. 161
Step 10. Acquire Imperial Resources pg. 111

Step 0. Character Sheet.

Download a copy of the character sheet.

Step 1. Determine Background

Come up with a background story for your character. Is he or she new to the Galactic Empire or is he or she prior enlisted? What brought them to the Empire? See Character Creation Theme for more information.

Step 2. Determine Duty

Your duty determines your relationship with the Empire. It is what you must accomplish as a member of the Galactic Empire. Duty is the key to role-playing your character. The numeric value represents your individual accomplishments and recognition by the Empire. You start with a Duty Value of 10 (Subject to change). You may exchange duty points for XP or credits in character creation.

Additional Bonus Cost
+5 starting XP -5 Duty
+10 starting XP -10 Duty
+1,000 starting credits -5 Duty
+2,500 starting credits -10 Duty

You may only choose each option once and may not spend more Duty than you have. See AoE pg. 46 for more details. See here for a sample Imperial duty list. Talk to the GM if you would like to create your own.

Step 3. Select a Species

Your Species determines your base Characteristic stats, XP, and others. Here is a list of the core species and which core rule books to find them in. Here is a list of all playable species with stats. Let me know if you’d like to play a non-core species.

Species Core Rulebook
Bothan EotE, AoR
Cerean FaD
Droid EotE, AoR
Duros AoR
Gand EotE
Gran AoR
Human EotE, AoR, FaD
Ithorian AoR

Kel Dor FaD
Mirialan FaD
Mon Calamari AoR
Nautolan FaD
Rodian EotE
Sullustan AoR
Togruta FaD
Trandoshan EotE
Twi’Lek EotE, FaD
Wookiee EotE
Zabrak FaD

Step 4. Select Career and Step 5. Select Specialization

Select a career from either Age of Rebellion (pg. 61) or Edge of the Empire (pg. 53). All careers and specializations available are listed below as well.

“Players should think of a career as an archetype that forms the initial framework upon which the rest of the PC is constructed.” (AoR pg. 41)
  • Mark the 8 listed Career Skills on your character sheet. (These will be easier to improve in the future.)
  • Pick 4 of your 8 Career Skills in which to receive a free initial rank.
  • Select a Specialization.
  • Add any additional skills listed under your Specialization as Career Skills.
  • Select two separate of those specialization skills to receive a free rank. (This can include a second rank if the skill was listed under both the career and the specialization.)

More information on Skills.

Career Career Skills Specialization Specialization Skills Reference
Ace Astrogation, Cool, Gunnery, Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space), Ranged (Light) Driver Cool, Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary) AoR 67
Gunner Discipline, Gunnery, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience AoR 68
Pilot Astrogation, Gunnery, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space) AoR 69
Beast Rider Athletics, Knowledge (Xenology), Perception, Survival R-SoT 27
Hotshot Cool, Coordination, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space) R-SoT 29
Rigger Gunnery, Knowledge (Underworld), Mechanics, Resilience R-SoT 31
Bounty Hunter Athletics, Brawl, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space), Ranged (Heavy), Streetwise, Vigilance Assassin Melee, Ranged (Heavy), Skulduggery, Stealth EotE 59
Gadgeteer Brawl, Coercion, Mechanics, Ranged (Light) EotE 60
Survivalist Knowledge (Xenology), Perception, Resilience, Survival EotE 61
Colonist Charm, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore), Leadership, Negotiation, Streetwise Doctor Cool, Knowledge (Education), Medicine, Resilience EotE 65
Politico Charm, Coercion, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds) EotE 66
Scholar Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Underworld), Knowledge (Xenology), Perception EotE 67
Entrepreneur Discipline, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Negotiation E-FH 27
Marshal Coercion, Knowledge (Underworld), Ranged (Light), Vigilance E-FH 29
Performer Charm, Coordination, Deception, Melee E-FH 31
Commander Coercion, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Warfare), Leadership, Perception, Ranged (Light), Vigilance Commodore Astrogation, Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Outer Rim) AoR 73
Squadron Leader Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space) AoR 74
Tactician Brawl, Discipline, Leadership, Ranged (Heavy) AoR 75
Figurehead Cool, Leadership, Negotiation, Knowledge (Core Worlds) R-LbE 29
Instructor Discipline, Medicine, Ranged (Heavy), Knowledge (Education) R-LbE 31
Strategist Computers, Cool, Vigilance, Knowledge (Warfare) R-LbE 33
Diplomat Charm, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Xenology), Leadership, Negotiation Ambassador Charm, Discipline, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Negotiation AoR 79
Agitator Coercion, Deception, Knowledge (Underworld), Streetwise AoR 80
Quartermaster Computers, Negotiation, Skullduggery, Vigilance AoR 81
Advocate Coercion, Deception, Negotiation, Vigilance R-DA 27
Analyst Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Warfare), Perception R-DA 29
Propagandist Charm, Deception, Knowledge (Warfare), Perception R-DA 31
Engineer Athletics, Computers, Knowledge (Education), Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Space), Ranged (Light), Vigilance Mechanic Brawl, Mechanics, Piloting (Space), Skulduggery AoR 85
Saboteur Coordination, Mechanics, Skulduggery, Stealth AoR 86
Scientist Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore), Medicine AoR 87
Explorer Astrogation, Cool, Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Xenology), Perception, Piloting (Space), Survival Fringer Astrogation, Coordination, Negotiation, Streetwise EotE 71
Scout Athletics, Medicine, Piloting (Planetary), Survival EotE 72
Trader Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Underworld), Negotiation EotE 73
Archaeologist Athletics, Discipline, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore) E-EtU 25
Big-Game Hunter Knowledge (Xenology), Ranged (Heavy), Stealth, Survival E-EtU 27
Driver Cool, Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary) E-EtU 29
Hired Gun Athletics, Brawl, Discipline, Melee, Piloting (Planetary), Ranged (Light), Resilience, Vigilance Bodyguard Gunnery, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Ranged (Heavy) EotE 77
Marauder Coercion, Melee, Resilience, Survival EotE 78
Mercenary Soldier Discipline, Gunnery, Leadership, Ranged (Heavy) EotE 79
Enforcer Brawl, Coercion, Knowledge (Underworld), Streetwise E-DC 27
Demolitionist Computers, Cool, Mechanics, Skulduggery E-DC 29
Heavy Gunnery, Perception, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience E-DC 31
Smuggler Coordination, Deception, Knowledge (Underworld), Perception, Piloting (Space), Skulduggery, Streetwise, Vigilance Pilot Astrogation, Gunnery, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space) EotE 83
Scoundrel Charm, Cool, Deception, Ranged (Light) EotE 84
Thief Computers, Skulduggery, Stealth, Vigilance EotE 85
Charmer Charm, Cool, Leadership, Negotiation E-FC 27
Gambler Computers, Cool, Deception, Skulduggery E-FC 29
Gunslinger Coercion, Cool, Knowledge (Outer Rim), Ranged (Light) E-FC 31
Soldier Athletics, Brawl, Knowledge (Warfare), Medicine, Melee, Ranged (Light), Ranged (Heavy), Survival Commando Brawl, Melee, Resilience, Survival AoR 91
Medic Knowledge (Xenology), Medicine, Resilience, Vigilance AoR 92
Sharpshooter Cool, Perception, Ranged (Light), Ranged (Heavy) AoR 93
Heavy Gunnery, Perception, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience R-FiB 29
Trailblazer Knowledge (Outer Rim), Perception, Stealth, Survival R-FiB 31
Vanguard Athletics, Cool, Vigilance, Resilience R-FiB 33
Spy Computers, Cool, Coordination, Deception, Knowledge (Warfare), Perception, Skulduggery, Stealth Infiltrator Deception, Melee, Skulduggery, Streetwise AoR 97
Scout Athletics, Medicine, Piloting (Planetary), Survival AoR 98
Slicer Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Stealth AoR 99
Technician Astrogation, Computers, Coordination, Discipline, Knowledge (Outer Rim), Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Planetary) Mechanic Brawl, Mechanics, Piloting (Space), Skulduggery EotE 89
Outlaw Tech Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Mechanics, Streetwise EotE 90
Slicer Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Stealth Eote 91
Cyber Tech Athletics, Mechanics, Medicine, Vigilance E-SM 29
Droid Tech Computers, Cool, Mechanics, Leadership E-SM 31
Modder Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Space), Streetwise E-SM 33
Universal - Recruit Athletics, Discipline, Survival, Vigilance AoR 101
Universal - Force-Sensitive Emergent AoR 293
Universal - Force-Sensitive Exile EotE 277

Step 6. Invest Experience Points

Your staring XP is based on your species. You are not required to spend all of your XP during character creation. The rest will roll over and can be spent later.

Stat Cost Special Limits
Characteristics Next level * 10 May only be increased through XP during character creation and may not be raised above 5 during character creation.
Career Skill Ranks Next level * 5 May not be raised above 2 during character creation.
Non-Career Skill Ranks (Next level * 5) + 5 May not be raised above 2 during character creation.
Talents within Specialization See Talent chart
New Specialization within Career New Total Number of Specializations * 10
New Specialization in different Career (New Total Number of Specializations * 10) + 10

All available talent trees (and extras) are listed on your character sheet.
All talents are listed on the Talents Page.

PDFs with all Talents:
AoR Talent Trees
EotE Talent Trees

Step 7. Determine Derived Attributes

Attribute Initial Value
Would Threshold Species’ Wound Threshold + Brawn Rating
Strain Threshold Species’ Strain Threshold + Willpower Rating
Defense 0
Soak Value Brawn Rating

More about Derived Attributes.

Step 8. Determine Motivation

“While a Player Character’s Duty determines what he is attempting to accomplish as part of the Alliance Empire, his Motivation determines why he does what he does.” (AoR pg. 104)

Pick a Motivation from the list below, doing your best to relate it to an Imperial game. Talk with the GM if you would like to create your own.


Step 9. Choose Gear and Appearance

  • Starting Credits: 500
  • Spend your Credits on non-restricted items:®.
  • After purchasing your gear, add d100 Credits to your account as a signing bonus. This bonus cannot be spent until the campaign begins.

Items can be found starting on page 173 AoR.

Step 10. Acquire Imperial Resources

Players will be provided with a Base of Operations. Starting gear will be assigned on arrival.

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