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This campaign takes place after the events of Episode IV. The theme of the game is based around your special operations squad. Your character has signed on to work for the Galactic Empire. The Empire is busy keeping peace in the galaxy which is under threat from the Rebel Alliance. In an effort to curtail the terrorist group, the Empire has organized experimental squads, such as your own, to use unorthodox means with plausible deniability. If there general public were aware, there would be unease. But freedom isn’t free.

I am using the Star Wars Age of Rebellion core rule book. It highlights the Galactic Civil War. For the most part, the theme of this game works by reversing the Empire and Alliance where ever they appear in the book.

In this vein, your character should support the Galactic Empire. Please consider this in your character creation. Remember:

“PCs are also intimately connected to destiny. Destiny is that special spark that elevates heroes above commoners, imbuing an individual with enough significance in the galaxy’s events to be a Player Character.” (pg. 34.)
Sample character ideas:
  • A commando that was recruited because of his special skills.
  • An Imperial agent retasked to this squad.

Ideas to avoid:

  • A bounty hunter that is only doing this for the money and would switch sides if the price is right.

Keep these concepts in mind when choosing your character’s duty (pg. 46 – 47) and motivation (pg. 104). Here is a sample duty list retrofitted for an Imperial game:

[[File:630959 | class=media-item-align-center | Screen_Shot_2016-08-20_at_7.06.08_PM.png]]
[[File:630960 | class=media-item-align-center | Screen_Shot_2016-08-20_at_7.06.17_PM.png]]

And remember, where were you when they blew up the Death Star?

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Character Creation Theme

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