Derived Attributes


  • Description: How difficult the character is to hit in combat. There is both Melee and Ranged Defense.
  • Mechanics: Defaults at 0.
  • Increases: Wearing armor, defensive positions, Talents.


  • Description: How much damage can be shrugged off before taking real damage.
  • Mechanics: Equal to Brawn Rating
  • Increases: Increases with Brawn rating, wearing armor, and Talents.

Wound Threshold

  • Description: How much physical damage a character can take before being knocked out. Treated with Medicine for biological beings, Mechanics for droids.
  • Mechanics: Species and initial Brawn rating.
  • Increases: Does not increase as Brawn increases. Increases with Talents.

Strain Threshold

  • Description: Mental stress taking before being stunned or dazed.
  • Mechanics: Species and Willpower.
  • Increases: Does not increase as Willpower increases. Increases with Talents.

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Derived Attributes

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